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OUR Team

John Varnell

Founder Texas' largest and most knowledgeable power and gas commercial brokerages. Victory brings procurement solutions and strategy to large, medium and small businesses. With specialties in commercial real estate, multi-family, bar and restaurant and small manufacturing, Victory provides unequaled service and effective solutions to clients.

Cory Hall
VP | Sales

A proven leader and catalyst for growth for over a decade in energy, Cory grew the Stream Energy Commercial Department from inception to $81 million in revenues, all while being recognized by JD Power for commercial client satisfaction. Cory created a unique structure of customer service where anyone speaking to a commercial client had extensive transactional and billing knowledge providing superior service. The Commercial Team helped over 5,000 customers a year resulting in millions of dollars in savings during his tenure. With a strong specialization in transactions and billing, Victory provides unprecedented guidance and understanding to clients.

Melissa Langan
VP | Operations

Melissa provides leadership for the organization’s functions, ensuring the business operations are efficient and effective to meet the needs and requirements of our clients, partners, and providers. She provides support to a dynamic sales team, oversees client retention and satisfaction, and exhibits a great knowledge of energy transactions. Melissa directly supports executive management of Victory Power Solutions as well as the management of key accounts while also maintaining a book of commercial property management clients and numerous multi-family accounts through continuous service agreements. With over ten years’ experience with contract facilitation including review and negotiation, she is responsible for projection, receipt, and analysis of multiple revenue streams for Victory Power Solutions.

John Kirkpatrick
Area Director

John Kirkpatrick is an Area Director with over 20 years of client management experience. Working directly with business owners, he has helped numerous amounts of manufacturing facilities, restaurants, and other supply facilities make educated choices for their power provider.

Mark Boyd
Area Director

As an Area Director with Victory Power Solutions, Mark brings years of energy guidance to our customers. Mark has helped cities, airports, and even pharmacies choose the right energy supplier.

OUR Founder


15455 Dallas Pkwy Addison, TX

Tel:  (214) 335-3714


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John Varnell started Victory Power Solutions after hearing a lot of friends and family complain about their inability to choose which power company they went to and how expensive the rates had become. John founded the company after researching and educating himself on what control the energy companies held and how much it was effecting the people that had no choice but to use their services.


Victory Power Solutions mission is to help people through the every present struggle of saving money. Our goal is simple and single minded: To bring a power solution that is both economical and practical to homes and businesses.


Contact us today to find out how Victory Power Solutions can help you save money and create peace of mind!


Energy consumers have the power to choose their electricity or natural gas rate, forcing energy companies to compete against one another for your business.


In Your Hands

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Our goal is to provide each business in Texas with the right fit for energy.


We provide households with the perfect choice for power. 


We are your neighbors

We know what it's like to squeeze every penny out of every check.


We have been helping our neighbors for years to find an affordable alternative when it comes to their power needs.


Schedule a consultation today to see how Victory Power Solutions can help you, #DefineYourPower


Victory Power Solutions provides lower energy costs to businesses and individuals through its many relationships and decades of experience with power companies. We help customers in Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, New York, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington D.C. Rest assured that if your business has a choice when it comes to choosing an energy provider, Victory Power Solutions can help.

We can also help customers with their residential location as well. Evaluating offers from different providers can be confusing, let Victory Power Solutions provide clarity for you.



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